Meet the Founders of Pamplemousse | Our Story

Meet the Founders of Pamplemousse | Our Story

Stefanie Hassine and Stephanie Madar are two mommies raising their beautiful families in South Jersey.  Their love for fashion led them to find each other.  Their hard work and dedication led to the creation of Pamplemousse. 

Hassine has been working on perfecting outerwear since 2015. Growing up in Montreal, outerwear has forever been a favored category.  With accumulative education in marketing, international business, and public relations as well as several international internships at some of the biggest fashion houses in the world, Hassine felt ready to test the waters.  With a keen interest for detail and design, she was on the hunt for the best production factory abroad. Hoping for some direction, she reached out to her childhood friend, a successful entrepreneur in the outerwear field. He agreed to mentor and help her build a network. After 5 years of experimenting with her factory, and a whole lot of persistence, she finally created a perfect sample. She was now ready to find a perfect partner.

Madar has been in the retail & fashion industry since she was 15 years old. She always had an innate ability to sell and her personable nature attracted her cliental. Through the years, she gained confidence to venture to new opportunities, hoping to discover her calling. Opportunities transformed into experiences which helped sharpen her skills. She was able to recognize her strengths and realized she had plenty to offer the world. Madar always felt she would one day partake in something extraordinary.

Madar reached out to Hassine to purchase a sample coat that she had advertised on social media. In the depths of conversation Hassine offered Madar to review her operation. They met later that night and their connection was imminent. They both possess the qualities that the other lacks. Their resilience, hard work ethic and love for fashion established the foundation of their partnership.  As a result, Pamplemousse was born.  

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